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How Will a Funeral Director Help With Funeral Home and Cremations in Upper Darby, PA?

Donohue Funeral Home is a trusted funeral home and cremation service provider in Upper Darby, PA. Losing someone you love can be an emotionally traumatic process. Since 1898, we've helped families in creating their final services for their dearly departed loved ones with our welcoming staff providing assistance every step of the way. We will help you decide on your family's desired funeral service, and assist you throughout the entire experience to ensure that you are comfortable at all times during this difficult time. Don't hesitate to call us today for your funeral home and cremation needs at (610) 449-0300 or visit us at 8401 W Chester Pike Upper Darby, PA 19082.

A fully licensed funeral director is an invaluable asset as you make any and all funerary arrangements to lay your loved one to rest. Just a few of the things you can expect your funeral director to handle in connection with funeral home and cremations in Upper Darby, PA, are detailed below.

  • Transporting of the deceased remains to the funeral home, crematorium, and/or burial site.
  • Notifying close family and the employer of the death, if needed.
  • Filing for certified copies of the death certificate.
  • Working with insurance and other relevant agents such as social security or veteran’s affairs personnel to ensure timely filing of appropriate claims.
  • Gathering the needed information with the family and creating an obituary for publication.
  • Preparing for burial and/or public viewing needs (washing, embalming, dressing, hair, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Shopping assistance in learning about and choosing the right casket, graveliner, funeral urn, etc.
  • Designing (with the input of the family) all of the funeral or memorial arrangements.
  • Making arrangements for a clergyman or woman to support the services as needed.
  • Arranging for flowers in accordance with the family’s wishes.
  • Watching for warning signs in the bereaved and helping connect them with appropriate crisis management resources and other after-care support.

There are so many little details and things to think about when making these final arrangements. In fact, if no pre-plans have been put in place, it is estimated that there are as many as 70+ decisions that need to be made within the first 48 hours after a death occurs. Having a compassionate expert on hand to guide you through this time will be a great lift and support.

Laying Your Loved One to Rest With Funeral Home and Cremations in Upper Darby, PA

There are many ways to honor your loved one uniquely. As you are working with your funeral director, knowing the fundamental differences between service types may be helpful.

  • Traditional Funeral Services: A full traditional service for a funeral is usually held within a few days to a few weeks after the date of death. This is mainly for practical purposes since the deceased's body will be present for the funeral services. Traditional arrangements may include a public viewing and visitation event before the funeral is held. A funeral offers an opportunity to remember the deceased and support one another as the journey through loss begins.
  • Memorial Services: An honoring ceremony is offered without the physical remains being present. If cremation has preceded the memorial gathering, the cremated remains could be part of this event.
  • Graveside Services: A graveside service may also be the perfect solution for a simple honoring service. This event is typically held at the cemetery or the location where burial will take place. It often tends to be more intimate and brief, though that definition can be pretty flexible.
  • Cremation Services: A full cremation service will have a public honoring service held in addition to the cremation services. Cremation changes the deceased remains into a small collection of dry, coarse grains that we often call ashes. These ashes are processed bones and any remaining elements that are collected after complete incineration.

Services to honor the deceased can be large-scale or smaller gatherings. Remember that the details and customizations you need can be designed on a case-by-case basis. The “right way'' is whatever will best support you and your family through this challenging time. It is possible for a funeral home and cremations in Upper Darby, PA, to be completed for the same individual. It is simply a matter of timing, with the funeral services (including embalming for public viewing if desired) being held first.

Choosing a Monument

Buried or entombed remains will often be marked with a headstone, plaque, or monument. These can be custom designed to reflect the style, personal preferences, and available budget. Some cemeteries and memorial parks will have specific rules in place about what is or is not allowed for display at their establishment. It can be a costly mistake to overlook those regulations when placing an order for your loved one’s monument.

There are a variety of long-lasting materials that make good headstones. Granite in many different colors and bronze are both beautiful and functional. Monuments can be ordered in upright, slanted, or flat orientations. If there is no actual burial site for your deceased, consider a memorial bench or planting that can serve as a place of permanency to their memory.

Work with Competent and Compassionate Professionals

As you are making arrangements when facing the loss of a dear family member, we invite you to reach out to Donohue Funeral Home. With a 120 year commitment to high-quality services for funeral home and cremations in Upper Darby, PA, you will be in good hands.

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Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

How long is a funeral held after a death?
Funeral services are often held for one to three days after a loved one’s death, but some funerals last up to seven days. The length of the funeral service varies depending on several factors such as family traditions and location. 

Should I plan my funeral ahead of time? 
Yes, planning for a funeral in advance lets you rest easy knowing that those who love you will have everything they need to mourn properly, including flowers, order ceremonies correctly, plan what readings should be said at the memorial service. 

How does pre-planning a funeral work?
A pre-planned funeral is a set of arrangements made with the help of a local mortuary that are paid up ahead of time. This means you can make sure your loved ones know just how to lay their hands on what they need when it's needed, and not have to face the stingy process afterward or find themselves in over their heads should something happen early.
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