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A Funeral Director’s Essential Role for Funeral Home and Cremations in Newtown Square, PA

Donohue Funeral Home is a dependable funeral home and cremation service provider in Newtown Square, PA. It can often seem like there are too many decisions when arranging the final farewell ceremony for your dearly departed. That's why our humble funeral home is here to fully assist you in this time of difficulty. Since 1898, the Newton Square community has trusted us to take care of all their funeral needs. When you come to us, our devoted staff will guide you to achieve your desired funeral for your loved one. Feel free to call us anytime at (610) 353-6300 or visit us at 3300 West Chester Pike Newtown Square, PA 19073.

A funeral director does much more than oversee a funeral service. When you understand just how many different responsibilities are handled by this person, you may be impressed and surprised. All of the goods and services available for funeral home and cremations in Newtown Square, PA, can boggle the mind. But, in the fragile state of shock and grief, you need an honest, level head to help you sort through the decisions that need to be made. Here are a few ways the licensed funeral director will see to your needs:

  • They will transfer your loved one from the site of death to the funeral home.
  • This professional will make the necessary calls to notify employers and other close family or friends of this death if you want them to.
  • Directors are responsible for handling the legal filing for certified death certificates.
  • With those certificates, they work with insurance agents and applicable administrators of social security or veteran affairs to ensure claims are processed in a timely way.
  • They’ll make sure an accurate obituary is prepared and submitted to the relevant publications that the family selects.
  • Your director will see to the preparation of the deceased for public viewing and/or burial. This includes the embalming process, dressing in burial clothing, and arranging hair and makeup as needed.
  • You will have their assistance in learning about and selecting needed merchandise such as a casket, burial vault, or urn.
  • The funeral director will help you to plan for the actual funeral arrangements of the deceased. You will have their guidance and expertise with all the details you may not even have on your radar.
  • As needed, they will make arrangements to coordinate the services with your chosen clergy.
  • They will even place the order for flowers and schedule the funeral sprays to arrive at the funeral venue and burial site.
  • Funeral directors are also trained to recognize needs within the bereaved family members. They work to connect those in crisis with necessary and relevant resources to support them in their grief journey – ensuring that no one feels alone.

Honoring Ceremonies With Funeral Home and Cremations in Newtown Square, PA

Though it is never required to have an honoring service, your funeral director is always going to recommend that you hold one. This is not simply so they can “make more money.” It is widely understood and taught amongst grief support professionals that even small and intimate funerary services are valuable in helping grieving families and close friends through this loss. Whenever possible, your director will help you find a solution to lay your loved one to rest in a meaningful way.

Just remember that you can customize each service type to fit the specific needs of your situation. Services could be large or small. They could be built out in a traditional format or a more modern fashion. Knowing that you won’t have an opportunity to do this again for this individual, you must find solutions that make you happy.

Full traditional services for a funeral will have the body of the deceased present for the duration of the service. Traditional formats typically have a public viewing if possible. If not possible, a visitation with the family and close friends of the departed may also be held. After this viewing or visitation, the funeral service will take place. The service will be a time of remembrance and heartfelt goodbye.

A memorial service can be held in lieu of a funeral service. Especially if there is a need to have an immediate burial or cremation, this can be a wonderful way to honor your departed loved one. Additionally, if having the deceased lying in repose for the service is no preferred, a memorial service is a good solution as it is held without the intact remains present. If cremation has been completed prior to the memorial, the cremated remains may be part of this service.

Generally speaking, a full cremation service refers to both a cremation for the deceased as well as a public honoring service on their behalf. It can be helpful to understand that a funeral home and cremations in Newtown Square, PA can absolutely work for the same individual. The funeral service should be scheduled first, with a cremation following the services.

A Caring and Experienced Provider

Choosing a locally owned and operated funeral home for funeral home and cremations in Newtown Square, PA, is a beautiful way to ensure that your family will be well cared for through this tender time of goodbye. We invite you to contact the longstanding Donohue Funeral Home to set up an appointment or retain our services. With over 120 years of family-rooted operation and ownership, we will treat you just like our own.

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Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

Does Social Security pay death benefits?

The Social Security Administration has made it easier for survivors to receive their spouses' benefits after they have died, through a "one-time lump sum" benefit valued at up to 255 dollars. Learn more about Social Security benefits.

What makes a good funeral home?

The staff of a funeral home should be consummate professionals. They will treat you well and with the utmost courtesy to make your experience as easy on you as possible, comforting in knowing that they have been there before- whether it is for them or someone else. Learn more what makes a good funeral home.

How much should I expect to pay for a headstone?

The average cost of a standard flat headstone is around $1,000. But more detailed upright headstones can cost between $1000 and 3 thousand dollars to purchase, with this granite one priced at the lower end ($1k) and another costing much higher (around 4 grand). Learn more about monuments.

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