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A Funeral Director’s Role for Funeral Home and Cremations in Downingtown, PA

Donohue Funeral Home is a trusted funeral home and cremation service provider in Downingtown, PA. The death of a loved one can be an emotional time and full of heavy decisions regarding how to mark their passing from earthly existence into eternal peace which is why it's important you visit our welcoming funeral home in Downingtown. For the last century, we have been providing families with funeral services that best suit their needs and desires. Our staff takes pride in connecting your loved ones to their final wishes for this life and beyond. Our lines and doors are always open to answer your questions. Call us at (610) 269-3080 or visit us at 43 W Lancaster Ave Downingtown, PA 19335.

There is more to the role of licensed funeral director than may initially meet the eye. Think of a funeral director as an event planner. They have the overall picture and plan in mind and see to the implementation of every little detail. Then, with assistants and staff, they create the preparations and carry out the actual event, whether large or small. Having a qualified provider to guide you through this process of planning a funeral home and cremations in Downingtown, PA, can be a big lift during this difficult time.

The license of a funeral director allows them to handle the delicate processes associated with these end-of-life services. In addition, they oversee and perform many of the services themselves throughout the whole process. Here are some of their many important responsibilities:

  • Collect the deceased and transfer them to the funeral home.
  • Contact those who need to be notified of the death immediately. (Family, close friends, employers, etc.)
  • Make arrangements for the filing of the death certificate.
  • Provide those certificates for insurance (or other benefits) claim filings.
  • Coordinate with insurance agents, veterans, or social security administrators to help with the timely filing of said claims.
  • Work with the family to prepare and submit death and obituary notices for publication.
  • Wash and perform the embalming service if it has been ordered.
  • Prepare the body for burial and/or presentation at a funeral wake if applicable.
  • Guide the family through the process of selecting required goods and services.
  • Coordinate with the cemetery for the opening and closing of the gravesite.
  • Coordinate with appropriate clergy or other funeral presenters if a funeral or memorial is to be offered.
  • Make arrangements for a police escort and other family transportation needs to attend the deceased's services.
  • Place orders and coordinate the delivery for floral displays according to the family’s wishes.
  • Support the bereaved by offering access to aftercare programs and other resources that may help grieving individuals.

A Variety of Service Types for Funeral Home and Cremations in Downingtown, PA

There are different ways to approach honoring the deceased with some type of ceremony. A full traditional service is a way to celebrate the one who has passed with service styles that will likely feel familiar and comforting to those grieving this loss. However, even within a traditional framework, there can be variations and customizations of the options. For example, complete funeral services may include a viewing of the deceased prior to the funeral itself.

Memorials can be held with or without cremated remains present for the service. Graveside services may be provided at the time of burial at the cemetery or memorial park. Timing can also vary for these service types if there is a need for immediate or extended scheduling.

A full cremation service may include some type of public honoring event in conjunction with the cremation services. Cremations could also be performed without any public services offered. Cremation is a method of preparation for the deceased's remains for final disposition or placement. Cremation itself is not considered a final disposition since the cremated remains could be placed in a number of ways. For instance, ashes could be scattered, buried, or displayed in an urn.

Cremations can be held after a full traditional funeral service has occurred if that fits the desires of the deceased or their family. High-quality providers of cremation will have a transparent security protocol for their process. With a great deal of regulation on this service, you have many protections in place to protect your interests. Be sure to work with a company that you feel is reputable when selecting services for funeral home and cremations in Downingtown, PA.


Particularly if there is a casketed burial taking place, you’ll need to select a fitting monument to mark the grave. Other circumstances may also warrant the installation of a memorial, such as a plaque inscription for a columbarium niche holding cremated remains. Even if ashes are scattered in a remote setting, a more accessible location may have a monument or bench installed to memorialize this individual permanently. With a variety of materials and design profiles, you can find a memorial that will be exactly right for your loved one.

Work With the Best

As the premier funeral home presence in the area, you can’t go amiss by choosing Donohue Funeral Home. With over 120 years of service and family legacy, our name, offerings, and services have grown to represent high quality at affordable price points. As you seek out support for planning and holding services for funeral home and cremations in Downingtown, PA, you will want to work with the fantastic and highly rated staff at Donohue Funeral Home.

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Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

Is it necessary for a Veteran's spouse to pay for a funeral?

VA automatically pays eligible surviving spouses a burial benefit following soldier death reports, so that those left behind can be cared for emotionally or financially without having to worry about the circumstances at hand in this difficult time. Learn more about veteran’s funeral.

Do veterans get free headstones?

It's a misconception that veterans receive free headstones, but headstone costs can be paid for with the VA benefit. The Veterans Administration provides free headstones or markers for the unmarked grave of any deceased eligible Veteran in any cemetery around the world.

Is it necessary to be a veteran to obtain a burial flag?

The federal government provides burial flags for veterans. They are available at VA cemeteries, National Cemeteries and National Cemetery Administration offices, or may be mailed to the home address of a deceased veteran if requested in advance by their next-of-kin.

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