Many people are in a state of disbelief immediately after a death. Once the funeral has passed, a sense of reality beings to return, and you are confronted with a myriad of tasks. Acknowledgin the support and expression of sympathy received, arranging for the grave monument, and tuening to the many business and legal aspects of settling the estate are juist a few of the many details to be taken care of. While it is important to take care of these activities, it is even more important at this time to take care of yourself.

Our free resource guide has been designed to guide you through the period immediately following your loss. the subjects covered are varied and numerous - how to change a title, insurance, veterans benefits and much more.

There are sections designed to help you understand the grieving process and the programs that we at the Donohue Funeral Homes, Inc. have to offer you and your family. Information, about who you should call, if you need help in any area, can be found throughout the Guide.